Below Deck Mediterranean’: Captain Sandy Explains Why She Threatened To Fire Hannah

This season of Below Deck Mediterranean has been on fire — and, as we’ll see in the newest episode, almost literally on fire. So when we sat down with Captain Sandy Yawn this week in New York City, we had a lot of questions for the show’s and the yacht’s leader. When the group of youngster yachties hit the town, what does she do? How does she really feel about the on-boat romances springing up? And does she make bets about who she thinks will hook up?

Here, Captain Sandy gets candid about everything from wearing shoes on the boat to playing favorites among the yachties.

How many charters does it take for everyone to gel as a team?

In the yacht world, one 24-hour period feels like one week. So I would say by charter three we start to gel.

Is there a peak to each charter, and for the season as a whole? 

There is a peak. In the beginning [of a charter], they are like, “Oh my god, another charter,” and then they peak, and they get happier, because [the guests] are getting ready to leave. And it’s like, “Don’t look so happy.” Try to maintain that happiness from the time you pick them up until you drop them off, because people can see that.

[As far as] the season, I would say when they know they have a few weeks left, they peak. That’s their exit window, they are like, “Oh my god! Freedom!”

How about you?

Me? No, I stay on the game because usually I’m on the email with the broker. They are constantly in contact, checking in with me, because they want to make money with their boat, and then [I’m also] maintaining the cruise. I don’t ever hit that peak. When I see the crew have a rhythm, then I get to relax.



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